1.  How can I download different languages on my Smart Pen

You can get download different languages on your Smart Pen by downloading the Smart Anatomy PC software at the following address: http://anatomy.oregonscientific.com/support/index.html


After downloading the PC software, install it and launch it on your PC, and plug your Smart Pen to your PC using a USB cable (not included).

Then, select the language version that you want to download on your Smart Pen and click on the download button to start.

Once the downloading process is completed, you can unplug the pen.

The Smart Pen will then restart automatically and will be ready to use.


2. How many languages are available to download?

As we may add new languages to download from time to time, please visit the Main Page of the PC software for the latest update on the languages available.


3. How will I know if there’s any content update available from the PC software?

From time to time, you can plug your Smart Pen to your PC and launch the PC software. A pop-up notice will appear if there’s any updated content to download. We recommend you to check if there’s any update available at least once a month, in order to keep your Smart Anatomy the most updated


Please also leave your email in our support page (http://anatomy.oregonscientific.com/support/index.html). We will inform you by email whenever there is a content update available.


4. Do I have to pay to download other languages on my Smart Pen?

No, this is free of charge and you can change anytime the language on the Smart Pen using the PC software.


5. How can I plug the Smart Pen to my PC?

You will need a USB cable (micro USB) that is not included with the Smart Anatomy.


6. How many language versions can I store on the Smart Pen?

Only one language at a time can be stored on the Smart Pen. Every time you download a new language, it will replace the language currently loaded on your Smart Pen.


7. There is no response when I touch the Smart Anatomy with the SmartPen or the LED on the pen is flashing repeatedly and the Smart Pen turns off automatically. What can I do?

Replace the batteries and turn on the Smart Pen again. If that doesn’t help to fix the problem, plug again the Smart Pen to your PC using a USB cable (not included) and re-download the content using the Smart Anatomy PC software.


8. What should I do if, during the download from the PC software, I receive a message telling me that the Smart Pen has been suddenly disconnected?

If such a case happens, simply unplug your Smart Pen and plug it again to your PC using a USB cable (not included). Then restart again the download.


9. How long does it take for a full download to complete?

The full download should be completed in about 10 min, depending on the speed of your internet connection. For a dialup connection the download will take longer.


10. During the download from the PC software, the LED on the pen will start flashing after when the downloading bar is about 1/3 from the start. Is it normal?

Yes, no need to worry about it, it is perfectly normal and it means that the new data are being written on the pen.


11. What are the System Requirements for the PC software?

The software is compatible with PC’s meeting the following requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

The software is not compatible with Mac.


12. Can I use the Smart Pen with the booklet and the poster?

No, there is no special printing on the booklet and poster, and therefore they can’t be played with the Smart Pen. There is no audio content on the booklet and poster.


13. Is the unit AC powered or battery powered?

The Smart Anatomy is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included) located inside the SmartPen. If the battery level is getting too low, you may experience one of the following case:

-  A voice message (“It’s time to change the batteries”) will play on the Smart Pen to remind you to change the batteries, and the LED on the Smart Pen will blink in blue color.

- The blue LED on the Smart Pen will keep blinking and there will be no response when touching the body parts with the Smart Pen.

-  If the battery level is too low, the Smart Pen will auto turn off.


14. Can I reset the unit?

You can reset your SmartPen by inserting a small pin inside the reset hole, located on the side of the Smart Pen.


15. Is the Smart Pen compatible with the Smart Globe™ products from Oregon Scientific?

No. Even thought Smart Anatomy and Smart Globe™ are using similar technologies, they are not compatible.


For more information about our Smart Globe™, please visit:




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